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~ { review/Haul}

  Hello guys! Welcome to my second review & haul post coming from Aliexpress is another inline store that sells different styles of clothing, accessories, shoes and more. They accept many forms of payment like paypal, debit/credit cards, money orders and etc. They (like many other wholesalers) usually sell knock offs so be in mind you usually get what you pay for. I have seen tons of mixed reviews, and I wanted to give you guys my experience with this site. They also sell many asian brands as well!

This is going to be a more detailed version of the blog, so if you just want to just see how the items actually looks, check out my YouTube video here: (coming soon!!) . And finally be sure to follow my blog and comment me with any questions or suggestions and I'll be sure to answer. Be sure to click on the images to enlarge the photos.

 Okay on to the less boring talking. So i bought a total of $17 items for $48 (most items were FREE SHIPPING!!!!)

I'm doing a review on the few items I have received so far. I placed my order on Sept 4; and got about 5-7 of them by Sept 22 (3 weeks shipping). 

~ {Shopping Process} 

 Aliexpress is basically a Chinese ebay; there are a ton of sellers, some selling the same item. Ater i found everything I wanted to buy; I paid for the items. Many sellers have different times it may take for purchase to take effect; processing times, and also shipping times. The free shipping I had was through epacket or China post mail. It tells you under order status on your account when the payment date is, shipment sent, and shows you what you ordered and the price of the item at that time. 

 None of my orders got out of stock; unlike some OTHER websites I have purchased before *cough*.

 *I am short (5'2) and fit a size 28 US pants, top size ranged from M or L with a shoe size for 34-39 (6.5-7.5US size)*

Boring part over now for the pictures!

~ {Items Arrived} 

 Here is a picture of how i received the items, They were all individually wrapped and arrived at different times.

 I just love getting these cute little packaging from China! I was actually surprised to find that the shoes I ordered came in a shoe box, albeit be a little beat up from the travels.

~ {Item Review}

Cute Flats $ 4.8 (On sale for 5days! 3.36) | Item link
Stock Images:

Displaying photo 1.JPG

Actual Image: 

Rating: 5/5!! I love love love these shoes! The only bad thing about these is that they were hot from traveling all day; but the smell off the shoes was just like ordinary shoes you would get from a shoe store. AND THEY FIT!! they fit my weird small chubby feet; so I am definitely happy! Now that I know my for sure shoe ize, I will definitely be getting more shoes from this seller again. I highly recommend this seller; they respond super fast to any messages you send; and always have sales going on. The items are as described, and exactly like the photo. *notice, these were not free shipping, was around $6-8

10 Pairs of Eyelashes (YES 10!!) $ 1.37 | Item link
Stock Images:
Displaying photo 4.JPG
Actual Image: 

Rating: 5/5!! First off let me say free shipping(:. Okay, these things are amazing! They are actually my favorite brand of eyelashes to use! They are so soft, and easy to put on. Only bad thing is I have to cut them to fit my eye, but that's not really that bad. It shipped to me in 2 weeks! I love this seller as well, very fast in responding to me! I highly recommend getting these eyelashes from this seller.

Chiffon Dress $ 3.75 | Item link
Stock Images:
Displaying photo 3.JPG

Actual Image: 

Rating: 5/5!! First off let me say free shipping(:again! These came in at the same time as the shoes. It came our much better than expected!! The material is of very nice quality, soft, and its not see through! Which is amazing, because most clothes from China can be. very see through. The reason I got this dress because it wasn't free size, you can actually choose a size! I looked at their size chart and decided to try an XL. It fits!!

Cat Tights $ 2.57 (NO.2) | Item link
Stock Images:
Displaying photo 1.JPG

Actual Image: 

Rating: 5/5. I haven't tried it on yet; but I will soon! If it doesn't fit I'll be a tad sad; but based on the sizes on the packaging it should fit! Holy wow do I love these tights! The packaging is much more than I expected! And the material is super nice! I will definitely buy some more of these soon<3.

Leopard Eyebrow Pencil $ 0.50 Item link
Stock Images:

Displaying photo 4.JPG

Actual Image: 

Rating: 5/5. These are awesome! They are super cute, and exactly as the photo. There's nothing else I can say, they are absolutely perfect!

Chiffon Blouse $ 2.49 Item link
Stock Images:
Displaying photo 2.JPG

Actual Image: 

Rating: 4/5. Doesn't fit me sadly. That's what I get for losing my tape measure. It could use a bit of ironing, but I wanted to show you what it looked as I got it. Its like described, just super freaking small. And maybe not as white as the photo, but the material is okay.

~ {Overall Rating/Review}

Customer Service

Rating: 5/5 Now this site is different than most, because it has many different sellers. Overall; I liked the service from all my sellers. They were very quick to respond to my messages!


4/5 Was pretty quick for these items. I knocked off a point because some items had either the wrong tracking number, or I had to spend a certain amount from their store to include tracking. Which was a bummer because I did not know that.

Overall I am one very happy customer, if you couldn't tell. All of these items came in a very timely matter, exactly as described! Well worth the price if you ask me, as everything was under $10!!!

I will be making a tip blog post and video on how to order from Aliexpress and minimizing your chances of getting scammed!

And finally be sure to follow my bloand comment me with any questions or suggestions and I'll be sure to answer. Be sure to click on the images to enlarge the photos.

*Prices can change, lower or higher, and the prices I have on here is how much it cost for me the time of purchase.*

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