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Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Review/Haul

~ { review/Haul}

  Hello all, this is my first blog and review of anything so bear with me^.^. I have shopped online at places like Amazon and eBay before, but never have I shopped on any (Asian) wholesale clothing store.

  The site I decided to buy first from is This site is basically an online store that sells different styles of clothing, accessories, shoes and more. They accept many forms of payment like paypal, debit/credit cards, money orders and etc. They (like many other wholesalers) usually sell knock offs so be in mind you usually get what you pay for. I have seen tons of mixed reviews, and I wanted to give you guys my experience with this site. This is going to be a more detailed version of the blog, so if you just want to just see how the clothing actually looks on a person, check out my YouTube video here: (coming soon!!) . And finally be sure to follow my blog and comment me with any questions or suggestions and I'll be sure to answer. Be sure to click on the images to enlarge the photos.

 Okay on to the less boring talking. In my first haul I bought a total of 11 items for $59.21 (:DD bargain!). The shipping was $26.70 and the items itself cost only $33.51. Let me tell you, it took me a day to decide what to buy, I still have some items in my favorites list I need to catch up on.

~ {Shopping Process} 

 After checking out the items I chose UPS-US Express shipping which usually takes 5-8 days on the way.One downside of the site for this haul is that processing with payment and gathering all the clothes to the warehouse took 6 days! I'm impatient when it comes to online shopping, I just want to jump into the computer screen and have it with me. So finally They sent me an email notifying me that my items were on my way to their NY, USA headquarters. Overall shipping took 11 days, which (impatient me), I was not too happy about. It tells you under order status on your account when the payment date is, shipment sent, and shows you what you ordered and the price of the item at that time. 

 Now for out of stock items (which i had one), they emailed me saying there was something out of stock (no exactly telling me what), and they gave me store credit. Now, you know which item is out of stock because under My orders it will have a 0 next to the quantity number of the item. 

 *I am short (5'2) and fit a size 28 US pants, top size ranged from M or L with a shoe size for 34-39 (6.5-7.5US size) (weird small chubby feet, so i wanted to play around with sizes to see what fits me.)*

Boring part over now for the pictures!

~ {Item Review} 

 Here is a picture of how i received the item, all packed tight to save on shipping. 
 When I opened everything, i was shocked to see how many items could fit in the bag! Everything is individually wrapped in a plastic bag with cute Asian writing.

Fashion Style Stripe All Match Hot Pants $ 4.63 L |item link
Stock Images:


Actual Images: 

Rating: 5/5 Looks exactly like the photo and comes with the belt. It says that the material is cotton but it feels more like a pants suit, which I don't mind. Its comfy on the inside and fits! (I chosen a large size which I'm glad I can fit my big butt into). No loose threads or anything, good for something that cost me only $5.

Double Breasted Zipper High Waist Shorts Deep Blue $ 9.46 L |item link
Stock Images:

Actual Image: 

Rating: 3.5/5 I didn't know wat to give this as a rating. Is trueto photo and made of denim material. But there was no way for me to wear it at first, the buttons didn't have a hole to go through! i literally had to cut open a hole. But  once i did they looked gorgeous, so well worth the $10.

Sweet Style Dot Slim Short Sleeve Dress Deep Grey 0.68 |item link
Stock Images:

Actual Image: 


Rating: 5/5 This dress is gorgeous to me. I was surprised at the material, even if the color was a bit darker. It is so true to the stock photo, and the skirt is satin material like stated. The only bad thing is how short the dress is on me, it was a free size and fit me well other than that.

Plus Size Sweet Stripe Lacing Bowknot Shoes Black $ 5.41 38 |item link
Stock Images:

Actual Image: 

Rating: 5/5 You can see the detail much better when you click on the picture. It looks freaking cute! It's kinda weird shaped since i was wearing it all day, but nothing out of place, everything where it needs to be. Just a loose thread by the bow, but pretty much true to the image inside and out. It even had a small heel at the bottom (I'll be sure to show it on the video).

Bowknot Embellished Warm Fashion Flats Blue $ 3.24 38 |item link
Stock Images:
Bowknot Embellished Warm Fashion Flats Blue i1402652

 Actual Image: 

Rating: 5/5 I was happy when i saw this shoe :DD. The material on the inside was nice and wooly on the inside, something i can be ready to wear in the wintertime. The only thing i saw was wrong was the small color difference, but the shoe fits, and it was made very well and should last a long time.

Cotton Elastic Waist Shorts Deep Blue $ 0.68 Free Size |item link
Stock Images:

Actual Image: 

Rating: 5/5 This picture doesn't show off the shorts like I would have wanted to, so I am going to make sure you guys see it on my video. It feels exactly like cotton, but even softer^^. I was afraid that free size wouldn't fit me (once again), but the went just fine, and the elastic waist helps. The stitching was nice, no loose threads, pockets opened and everything. It would make a nice leisure wear and well worth the dollar i paid for it.

Pure Color Lotus Leaf Design T-shirt Pink $ 1.22 Free Size |item link

Actual Image: 

Rating: 5/5 This shirt was lovely!. The ruffles was where they were suppose to be, nothing out of place. The material was nice and soft, very comfortable. Took me a while to notice that the strap goes over you head, at first I thought they were missing a strap. And it fits very nice. Can't wait to put this one on my video.

Stylish Hot Sale Lace Rivets Embellished Short Jean $ 5.36 L |item link
Stock Image:

Actual Image: 

Rating: .5/5 At a glance these shorts look very well done and cute. But once you look at it the detailing is very.... not well done. I was disappointed with these shorts because i bought it for the design on them. And the large didn't even attempt to fit on me, so i can't even wear them. The zipper was missing a teeth, so of course they broke in the middle. I will just get someone to fix the zipper and give them away to my best friend. On the video i will be sure to show you the broken zipper up close.

Popular Elegant Pearl Charming Bracelet $ 1.75  |item link
Stock Image:

 Popular Elegant Pearl Charming Bracelet i748309

Actual Image: 

Rating: 5/5 I love love love it!!. I have gotten into the bangle thing so when i saw this on the site I clicked add to cart on an instant! They look exactly like the photo. They feel very nice. You can't change the sizes, but they fit like a charm. Everything is made very nice and it should not break or wear down at all. I would highly suggest this set of jewelry, and hopefully I can buy some more form them soon.

Summer New Item Sweet Heart Shaped Bracelets Gold $ 0.20  |item link
Stock Image:
Summer New Item Sweet Heart Shaped Bracelets Gold i572168

Actual Image: 

Rating:5/5 Sorry for the weird picture not showing the heart. Looks just like the picture and it slips on easily on my small wrists. Goes great with the other bangles I bought!

Sweet Back Bowknot Embellished Short Sleeves Waisted Dress Red $ 0.88  |item link
Stock Image:

Sweet Back Bowknot Embellished Short Sleeves Waisted Dress Red i2888612
Actual Image: 

Rating: 5/5 I like this front part of the dress better than the one on the stock photo for some reason, so I didn't take off for the difference. The material is a little shiny, but I don't mind as long as it looks cute and wearable. The color is a little lighter, but is still true to the stock photo. I love the elastic waist band and gives the dress a little shape.

~ {Overall Rating/Review}

Customer Service

Rating: 4.5/5 .5 taken off for broken English. Now I don;t know if it was me, but their tracking number under the my account section for me was a weird long number, so when I asked for my tracking number (which i did everyday because i kept losing it><), they responded in minutes and gave it to me each time! Most people say their customer service is bad but, to me it was pretty good to me. They have this 24/7 Enlgish help IM system that tells you who you are talking to and you can ask them any questions very quickly. the only bad thing for me was that they spoke to me in broken English. But because of their prompt responses and also notifying me in email when the order was done processing, payment done, and when shipping was going from UPS express to FedEx, I give the Customer Service a good rating.


3.5/5 Now i know it would take a long time to get to my doorstep, but when you check out it says 5-8 days on the way, not 11-15 days! To me, they should have explained more on how the payment process takes a good 4-5 days or so, and how long it takes to get the order together before it actually ships to you. Also, they should keep their tracking number updated when they get it, not while it is in its 4th day coming>.<

Overall I had a very good experience shopping with them, and I be sure to buy from them again. If you guys liked this post, I would be sure to post another haul/review when I do so. Thank you guys for viewing my blog.

*Prices can change, lower or higher, and the prices I have on here is how much it cost for me the time of purchase.*

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